Monday, July 6, 2009

Hello friends!

It feels nice to be having a platform where we can reflect ourselves and speak our minds. The kind of diversity that we 'possess', I'm sure that this blog is going to be full of thoughts and reflections. it belongs to everybody on the campus and you are free to write in whatever you like to-your experiences, campus buzz, short stories, articles, poems, anything. . .

To inaugurate the blog(which I'm more than privileged to be doing), I'll leave this post with a 'naive' poem that i had written when i was in the third year of my graduation! अब झेलो!!!

Future से आजकल कुछ ज़्यादा ही डरने लगा हूँ ,
दूसरों से कम ख़ुद से बातें ज़्यादा करने लगा हूँ

cigarrete की आदत होती तो फिक्र को धुए में उड़ा देता,
girlfriend होती तो at least उसे ही बता देता!

ऐसा फंसा हूँ की there's no way out ,
there's no one to listen even when i shout,

optimism has kept me alive,
ऐसीच है अपनी college life!!

Do write friends. . .We are going to be the life of this blog. :)


  1. yea..we must keep this blog alive..and please send out invitations..or ask ppl to join....spread the word...

  2. and blog keep writing...

  3. thanks anwesha! and i dont think we'll need to moderate anything here, people are 'well-sensitised'!
    i would definately keep writing. . .