Monday, July 20, 2009

Love, I have walked down this road before....

So you say that it does not matter. That you are not disillusioned; that life is still a bed of roses. I look back at you and smile. The campus is now all green...dazzling green with golden shafts of light bouncing don't know how to react. After all that has been, all that could have been locked in a moment;lost in time.

The water recedes and washes your feet as you stand on the rock which you are sure will never give away. You watch the light of the day. You hear the sea and wonder how it would be to set out on your own little freight. I look back at you and smile. And suddenly you are not sure anymore. You feel the strains of that little conglomeration of musical notes that had accompanied your hope slip away from your grasp. You look down and the water feels like chains around your ankles.You feel your feet slip from the rock. You step away. You would not want to fall. Or would you?

You return. More lost that you were when you left to find the road. But you still believe. You take a walk towards Diamond Garden. You watch the tree with the low bending bough. You see the two urchins dangle their mud caked feet seated there. You follow their gaze...the rains are coming again. You keep walking. You are sure of your destiny. You pass by the florists shop. You pick up a rose. You do not have anyone to give it to. Or do you? The rain begins. I look back at you and smile. You drop the rose. People run around you for cover. Some shove you aside. You look back frantically looking for the rose. That is all that you want now. You see it trampled, caked in mud. The urchins run by you, laughing out loud, racing after the hidden Sun.

You wonder who am I. I could be anyone. The passing face in the crowd. The familiar face in daily transport. The fleeting glimpse of the unknown which makes your faith in scientific reasoning futile. But love, I have walked down this road before....


  1. really well written. . .i dream of writing something like this. . . :)

  2. I have come back here after a very long time. And it still holds true. I have walked down this road before.How are you?